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Ah so my dream comes true here! Look I am not mad. Seriously I had a dream and it’s now going to turn into reality. So if you are still wondering about which dream I am talking about then guys it is just limited to Kontent Machine, one of the best of best content creation tools. I desperately wanted to share my connection with Kontent Machine, how wonderfully it worked for me since last three years and how it is a complete package.

So friends are you ready to know Kontent Machine Review and its usage? Before we move onto the Kontent Machine Reviews, you might be interested in the Kontent Machine Discount as well to receive a massive discount of up to 40% off immediately.

Kontent Machine Review

Let’s start with some personal feel. Yeah it’s my feelings, my experience with Kontent Machine which is amazingly superb.

So it was all started when I was running four five websites at the same time. I was going through a lot of burden because that time we were only two people and it was very tough for us to update content, create backlinks for each website. Though we both were so dedicated and try to update content on daily basis but you know something still wasn’t in our hand and hence we were lacking somewhere.

The thing we both realized that time was its content management. We actually were not able to add unique content so frequently in our all websites, and that’s why our ranking was going down. The reason was, working on websites used to be our part time work and because of less time we couldn’t make it so big.

Pause here! It was really not the end. Good things were still waiting for us and one day my partner eyes got stuck in a tool which he found online. Any guesses? Yes! Yes! Absolutely true! It’s none other than my favourite Kontent Machine, and soon it will be your favourite too. Keep the excitement level up to know, what had happened next.

Actually he was so impressed by Kontent Machine after reading its reviews and working. He felt like it was the only thing missing in our projects and we can create something very much similar to our desires, so without wasting a single minute he told me about that tool. And you know what it was a big coincidence because I was also gone through this tool day before day and so much amazed by its features, and about to tell the same to him. So we both agreed to buy this wonderful tool.

The decision we took so quickly and finally we were happy that atleast we have something using which we can create a great number of unique content and we did so.

We are human beings and we love to explore the thing which is very new to us, and that’s we actually experienced with Kontent Machine. We explored each and every feature of it and found it awesome. We started creating 3 4 articles per day per website. Sounds good, right? It’s not the only thing which we performed, in addition to this we started generating unique articles for quality backlinks.

Now the things were looking so in our hands and we created good content plus quality backlinks for our websites. So what else we needed? Google wants updated content and good backlinks to rank any site and we had both the things result of which we established a very good position in Google and earned a lot beyond our expectations.

Note: You can’t always copy paste the content generated by Kontent Machine. Very smartly you will have to recreate the sentence so that you won’t be punished for duplicate content.

All I can say it is the best time saving tool. One thing I want to add here is that, do not use this tool for your main blog, use it smartly for niche blogs and link building.

So it was our story. Our story of success! Now it is the time to let you know about Kontent Machine: What is Kontent Machine, Why is Kontent Machine3, Kontent Machine Features, Kontent Machine Cost; everything will be covered in this article. Don’t lose your concentration because now it needed most to know the tool in better way.

What is Kontent Machine?

Kontent Machine is a software application which allows you to generate unique, admissible and SEO-Optimize content automatically with the help of resources and also adds relevant images/ videos and contextual links to the content so that it appear natural to readers. Kontent Machine 3 let you to promote your content in every type of marketing campaign, including Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Public Relations and many more.

The great thing you will observe while using Kontent Machine 3 is your website’s rank, which is improving so quickly in search engines from link building strategy.

Okay! Now I think you know about this tool very well. What it does, how it is beneficial? But again some people might have doubt why exactly we need Kontent Machine. So here I want to describe it.

Why is Kontent Machine?

It seems like I have already given the answer but yes I want to explore it little more. Actually those affiliate marketers, internet marketers and professional bloggers, who maintain 5 plus blogs at the same time, struggles so much for creating fresh content manually for their blogs. Writing content becomes very tedious job for them, and I think it might be for us as well if we belong to the same genre.

So what’s next?

Obviously, everyone wants to save its time and is willing to work smartly rather than hardly. And that’s why we need something which helps us in generating unique content for our blogs.

Yeah you can also hire someone to write article for your niche sites and link building but you know what, the result won’t be in your favour, because the way you are dedicated towards your websites, the way you wants the content should be; that another person won’t take it in that way. He/she will only work for money. No extra emotions, nothing. And finally you will find it too hard to manage each and everything and give them instruction to write content according to your requirements.

So basically what step you’ll take next?

You are the king of internet world and you know there is nothing impossible for you. So why don’t you look for a software which could help you to get rid of your extra headache and work. And there is a tool come whenever you search online for “Best Content Creating Tool”, and that is Kontent Machine 3

This tool has plenty of exciting features and you can’t stop yourself buying this after knowing what these features are.

I wish there shouldn’t be any doubt on why you need to buy Kontent Machine. If still you have, then go ahead and read its features in detail.

Kontent Machine Features

Before using any software we must know its features. As my experience says a lot about this tool, I am sharing some important features of Kontent Machine.

  1. Generate quality content.
  2. Automatically adds LSI keywords in the content.
  3. Produce unique article for tier link building.
  4. Popular spinning tools integrartion (KM Spinner, SpinnerChief, SpinChimp, Spin Rewriter, The Best Spinner, WordAi).
  5. Generate relevant images and videos.
  6. Automatically generate content for defined tools like SENuke, Ultimate Demon, GSA SER, Sick Submitter etc.

The list is so big. There are many other awesome features which you will find once you will start using it. Now you will be guided how to use Kontent Machine which is the key topic of today’s article. Let’s start experiencing the real thing now.

How to Use Kontent Machine 3 or Kontent Machine Guide

Now I am gonna show you the interface of this tool, its features, settings and functionality so that you can take your final decision easily.

Let’s start with the main window.

Kontent Machine Software

Above is the Kontent Machine version 3 screenshot. This is the main window which you will see once you will open the tool.

Now come to How to create a Campaign in Kontent Machine.

Start Campaign

To create new campaign you will have to click on New at home panel. Now a window will appear shown below.

Start Kontent Machine Campaign

Follow the settings to create campaign in Kontent Machine:

Content Source: Built-In-Article Scrapper

Campaign Name: Fill according to your choice

Keywords: Fill three relevant keywords

Content Quality: Select the content quality among tier 1, 2, or 3

Spinner: Select the spinner which you want to use.

Images/Videos: Select the images/videos option to add rich media in the content

Once all the fields are ready, get ready for more settings to make your content more relevant and unique. Let’s talk about them one by one:

Scrapper Settings: Click on the scraper settings button placed at the right side of the content source box. Here you can select the number of threads you want to run and scraper time out and enable the check box named Enable proxies.

Campaign Settings: Now click on the campaign settings to specify the variations you want in your articles. Select it as per your needs.

Credentials: Now you can imagine the ability of Kontent Machine. It can do anything. You can create many versions of the same content and that’s what you can do with the help of third-party API which will get integrated in your tool. You have already selected the spinner, now it’s the time to enter your login details by clicking on Credentials.

Advanced: Images and videos play a very important role in the content. It adds huge audience engagement. After clicking on Advanced you will be asked to select the alignment and width of the image as well video.

Contextual Link Setting: Links are also very important for any content. And they must be present when you are creating content for link building.

Just click on the Next button you will be directed to another window where you can add contextual links, article body links, resource box links, and image links. The procedure is very simple (shown below). Enter the URL and the appropriate keyword and it automatically adds links to your desired anchor texts in your content and yes now it will look 100% genuine.

Link Creation in Kontent Machine

Create Content: Now your task is almost complete. You are done with all the settings and requirements and now it’s the time to scrap the data and build your content. Click on Build Content.

Generating Content In Kontent Machine

Once it done, you will see a window like this. Click on Preview to analyze the quality of scarped articles. I am pretty sure your happiness and excitement level will be at the peak.

How to Create content in Kontent Machine

Import and Export Article: Surprises are still on the way. Here is another the most fabulous feature remains and that is Build & Export. This allows you to create content for your link building software or other tools directly such as Ultimate Demon and GSA Search Engine Ranker etc.

  1. Study of Other Kontent Machine tools

Here is the short description of other tools. I hope you will try it your own and get to know more about them.

Kontent Machine tools

Bookmarks: This tool helps you in creating bookmarks for your keywords which you can submit in High PR bookmarking sites.

Article Getter: I love this tool the most. This will help you to create content for your next article and will offer you an idea on which topic you should write now. This tool scrapes the content from big article directory such as EzineArticle, Yahoo Voice, Article Alley, Article Base and many other big directories.

Word Spinner: This tool allows you to spin a piece of content with your favourite spinner. You can load content from the text file that you can spin or write paragraphs your own and can put them in spintax.

There are some other tools too. I want you to try them. It will give you more clear idea. What say?

Everything has some pros and cons. Pros are very much revealed in front of you. This time I will unveil its drawback.

Kontent Machine Drawback

Don’t worry it is not the bundle of drawbacks. It only has one cons and that is it don’t have any inbuilt proxy harvester, so you will have to buy premium proxies to make it work according to your desires.

Kontent Machine Pricing

The price of this tool is $217 for lifetime. And if you want to pay monthly then it will be $37. If you are a professional blogger and internet marketer then going with lifetime package will be more suitable for you.

I wish you have gained a very good idea about what Kontent Machine Review is all about. Now I want to hear from you guys, your experience with this software. Share your opinion in the comment box.