Kontent Machine Campaign with Images & Videos

How to Create a Campaign with Images and Videos in Kontent Machine?

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What kind of post or article has most appealing power? The one which is containing images and videos, right? Ofcourse images are something that attracts readers the most and it maintain the curiosity till the end. Do you want to embed images and videos in your post in less time? Go with Kontent Machine!

Don’t worry! I will tell you how to create a campaign with images and videos in Kontent Machine. Listen this will be little time consuming if I will provide you the same information again like What is Kontent Machine, What is Campaign and how to start it? All these topics are already covered which you can check.

But yes here we are discussing about one of Kontent Machine features so I think I should brief you about this awesome software.

Kontent Machine Campaign with Images & Videos

Kontent Machine is a wonderful tool which enables you to create unique content for your backlink building campaigns. Kontent Machine will find relevant content based on your keyword research preferences and you will be able to generate quality content for your articles.

In other terms, KM is SEO software tool for internet marketing warriors which will scrape content from the Internet, spin that content, and then create it in such a way, that it will appear so natural to the readers as well as search engines.

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Although Kontent Machine offers many features but here you will learn about creating a campaign with images and videos.

Let’s start now!


This guide will show you how to create content with images and videos.

I think you might have noticed Advanced button next to the Images/Videos drop-down menu while creating a campaign. Using this button we will create images and videos for our campaign.

Now follow the below steps:

1. Click on Advance button. A window will open with some default settings.

2. In the Image/Video Settings window you will be able to customize the type of media you would like in your articles, the alignment and the position inside the content.

3. Now choose whether you want random setting for each article or you would like it to appear the way you want.

4. After filling all the fields appropriately just click on Apply and continue with your campaign.

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I don’t think it was a hectic task. Just perform above steps and let your article look more original and attractive.

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