Kontent Machine with Ultimate Demon

How to use Kontent Machine with Ultimate Demon

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Now come to today’s post that specifically designed to guide you “How to use Kontent Machine with Ultimate Demon?

Before telling you the key steps I would like to ask, how many of you know about Ultimate Demon?

Okay if accidently you reached to this post then I could say this will be your first introduction with Ultimate Demon. So here we go.

Kontent Machine with Ultimate Demon

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What is Ultimate Demon?

With the increasing growth of internet and change in various Google algorithms, internet marketers need great backlinking strategies. Ultimate Demon is one another software as Kontent Machine which can help you to get quality backlinks from authority sites. It makes your link building task easier and ultimate save your time.

Well, there is something special in Ultimate Demon. This tool helps you to achieve backlinks from Web 2.0 sites, Wiki Sites, Video Sites, Document Sharing Sites, Press Release Sites and many other sites with good DA and PA.

So, you can now imagine how wonderful it would be when Kontent Machine and Ultimate Demon work together.

Shall I proceed to the main part of this post?

You already know how to set up campaign in Kontent Machine. Imagine you are done with it, and now ready to export it.

Steps: How to use Kontent Machine with Ultimate Demon

Step 1: In Kontent Machine click Build & Export. A window will open where you will have to select Ultimate Demon (premade) from the Template drop down menu.

Step 2: Now click on Change UD Settings. This will ask you to define some properties for your campaign. Press Apply after you are done.

Step 3: Click Export.

Step 4: Now in Ultimate Demon, set up your campaign and head to the content creation module.

Step 5: Select Load from .TXT Files.

Step 6: Now to select all fields (Titles, Summaries, Keywords, Description) just click “” and browse to the folders where KontentMachine saved your recent file.

And this way Ultimate Demon will take that one file for the properties it is submitting to.

I hope you’ll find it helpful. Share your feedbacks in comments.

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